Who we are





Liznett Care Services Limited is a family business built on the strong values of care, dignity and respect. We take special interest in the well-being of all our clients with a view to enabling them to lead fulfilled life through home care support services. Our staff are driven by our values and high standards of care. They are warm, friendly and well experienced professionals who are carefully selected and trained to meet our clients’ personalised choices and needs.



Our Aim





We aim to provide the highest possible standards of care to all our service users while respecting their individual choices and preferences. We take pride in;

  • Our Person-centred approach to caring for our clients. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Our services are designed and tailor made to meet individual needs and preferences.
  • Our staff who are highly trained and equipped to meet our clients’ needs

    while supporting them to lead an independent and enabling life-style

  • Our approach which actively seeks to be guided by our clients’ voice through our robust client consultation processes. We always want to hear from our valued clients. We believe in continuous improvement of our services as advocated by our clients and business partners.


  • Our high standards of care which are driven by our values of; care, dignity and respect.


Our Services





Liznett Care will work closely with you and support you in making the  right decisions

about your care plan. We endeavor to provide you with a tailor made care package which  respects your choices. Our service to you will include among many others



*  Personal care services *  Respite services * Household tasks


* Personal care * Domestic support * Nutritional care


* Social  and respite care * Home support * Administration care * Financial care











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